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The brand new NetSpot is coming!

The 3rd version of NetSpot is just around the corner, and you can help us make it the best version ever. Enroll in our list of beta testers to be able to share your honest opinion about how we did.

Planning & Prediction
WiFi Site survey
Discover mode
New flexible reports
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Planning & Prediction

NetSpot 3 introduces a new highly-anticipated feature — WiFi network planning! Absolutely no equipment is needed except for your computer or laptop with NetSpot on board to estimate the number of access points the network will need for a smooth and even coverage.
Factor in the building materials of your space
Add the thickness, absorption characteristics, as well as the materials used in the walls, windows, and doors.
Select a router model you are planning to utilize from an extensive list in the app.
Map out your space to create and analyze various visualizations for your future wireless coverage.
Export to file
The data you obtain during measurements can be conveniently exported for further analysis.
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WiFi Site Survey

The analysis and improvement of already existing networks get a lot of attention in NetSpot 3 as well! Enjoy more precise and exhaustive visualizations, faster data processing, as well as some newness.
All projects in one place
Your projects are comprehensively laid out with their snapshots. Access them quickly through NetSpot's Open Recent menu, use sorting and filtering to find any project quickly.
New project creation is a breeze thanks to an enhanced and optimized wizard.
Updated calibration mechanisms provide more precision for your survey projects and visualizations.
Active scan, speed test
Use the Active Scan feature to measure your network's Internet connection speed for the most exhaustive survey report.
Easy project navigation
Your projects are at your fingertips — easy to switch between them with just a click.
Merge snapshots
Survey a larger space with your team and then merge your snapshots for a complete picture — saves so much time!
New troubleshooting
Troubleshooting visualizations have lots of updates to help you improve and optimize your network performance.
Export and import reports
Export your WiFi site survey reports into one of the convenient to use formats and share them with others.
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Enhanced Discover mode

Enjoy the revamped Discover mode — even more comprehensive, informative and good-looking.
Discovered networks presentation
The networks found around your location are presented in a convenient manner — easily spot those you need with info like name, BSSID, signal level, router brand, channel, etc.
Access to graphs
Optimized navigation and switching between comparison graphs.
More info on APs
Discover Mode displays even more details about the access points available on the network.
Extended filtration
Efficient filters allow you to quickly find networks with specified parameters.

Native experience

NetSpot performs equally outstanding on both macOS and Windows. Every project you create in the app can be easily imported into another instance of NetSpot on either of the supported platforms.
Native and super intuitive NetSpot for macOS is a pleasure to work with.
A great Windows WiFi site survey tool that is easy and pleasing in every aspect.

Beta test NetSpot

If you're itching to try the new NetSpot and want to help us make it the best WiFi site survey tool in the world, just join the waiting list for the beta and we'll send you an invite, as soon as it's ready.
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