NetSpot for iOS = Perfect WiFi

Use NetSpot for iOS together with WiPry 2500x to collect data about and analyze your own as well as surrounding wireless networks from your iPhone or iPad.
The WiPry 2500x accessory is required.

Use NetSpot for iOS
with WiPry 2500x

To use NetSpot for iOS you'll need WiPry 2500x by Oscium connected to your mobile device.
  • Both bands 2.4 and 5GHz are supported
  • The following Wi-Fi standards are supported: 802.11 b/g/n/ac
  • iOS version 11.0 or higher

Discover and Analyze Surrounding Wireless Networks

NetSpot can now be installed on your iPhone or iPad! Our WiFi analyzer for iOS will scan for and display the information about all surrounding WiFi networks that can be used to locate and eliminate any possible issues.
Analyze and Compare wireless networks
Discover surrounding WiFi networks with their parameters
Detect WiFi issues from your iPhone or iPad

Get detailed information about WiFi networks

NetSpot WiFi analyzer for iOS is a friendly and intuitive app, no matter if you are a professional or a WiFi enthusiast. The mobile version of NetSpot gives you the mobility when you need to quickly and efficiently scan for surrounding networks and analyze their data.
Live Wi-Fi data
NetSpot for iOS fetches 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax live data and visualizes it.
Live Wi-Fi data Icon
2.4 and 5GHz bands
NetSpot for iOS fully supports both frequency bands.
2.4 and 5GHz bands Icon
Comprehensive AP data
Get the network name, MAC address, signal level, and more.
Comprehensive AP data Icon

Analyze and Compare WiFi networks

Getting a real-time data about wireless networks with our WiFi analyzer for iOS is essential to seeing the true picture of network behavior according to the surrounding conditions. Filtering the networks and comparing the data charts will help you analyze and troubleshoot efficiently.
NetSpot — The data chart
The data chart is updated
in real time
Sort data with NetSpot
Data can be sorted by name
and by signal strength
Filter networks
Name, signal strength, security
protocol filters available

Test your Internet speed with NetSpot

NetSpot for iOS allows testing the Internet speed of the network you are currently connected to. It is a great option for those analyzing their network performance after they've done some tweaks to it.

The download speed measurement will tell you how quickly your device is downloading data from the Internet, while ping value shows how quickly a data packet sent from your mobile device reaches its target server (keep in mind that ping and latency values depend on the distance from the reference server to your device).

  • Download speed
  • Ping
  • Previous test results
  • Date and time of the measurement
  • Reference server location
Identify WiFi issues Logo

Identify WiFi issues

NetSpot is a first choice WiFi scanner and analyzer for iOS for a reason. With the extensive information it provides you can see the issues with your WiFi coverage and get on the way fixing such things as signal leakages or wireless channel overlap conflicts. You'll have the opportunity to improve the coverage, capacity, and performance of your WiFi network.

Resolving a WiFi channel overlap conflict
Locating any issues with WiFi
Finding signal leakages
Troubleshooting and enhancing your network's coverage, capacity, performance, signal level, interference, etc.
NetSpot on Desktop

Ready to look deeper into your WiFi?

NetSpot for iOS makes WiFi analysis a breeze. However might you need a more advanced WiFi analyzer app running on a laptop, get NetSpot for Windows or Mac with multiple surveys and network maps.
NetSpot for iOS makes WiFi analysis a breeze
NetSpot for iOS
Discover surrounding WiFi networks, get the real-time data and
analyze it on the spot. You'll need iOS 11.0 or newer