Unlimited WiFi site surveys

Whether you are working on a perfect WiFi coverage for your clients or troubleshooting your own — NetSpot is an indispensable assistant.
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Benefit with the endless possibilities of WiFi site survey

  • Cross-platform

    NetSpot Enterprise is a cross-platform (Mac and Windows) solution serving individuals and engineering teams alike.
  • Full coverage

    Get the most efficient and full-bodied WiFi coverage throughout the planned space, be it a small office, a stadium, or an Expo Center.
  • Smart placing

    NetSpot saves you money by helping you build an optimal WiFi network not by crowding your space with unnecessary equipment.

Zones and Snapshots

The complete survey project consists of zones — specific areas that are scanned with NetSpot. Each zone is associated with an area map. The larger area you are going to survey the more reasonable it is to zone it and perform survey in stages. It is especially useful for larger projects spreading onto multiple floors in a large building.

You can survey the same zone several times during the day and compare the snapshots of the same zone for the most precise alteration. NetSpot Enterprise offers an unlimited number of zones and snapshots for any size of the area surveyed.

PRO 50 Zones and Snapshots
ENTERPRISE Unlimited Zones and Snapshots
Zones and Snapshots


You don't have to perform the full scan every time. The map of your surveyed space may be huge, but you can scan only a portion of it at a time by selecting the required datapoints. Enterprise edition allows you to itemize your map as precisely as needed because you are getting an unlimited number of datapoints.

PRO 500 Datapoints per zone
ENTERPRISE Unlimited Datapoints per zone


For the most precise analysis there are numerous visualizations that assist in comparing Wi-Fi signals by their various network connection parameters. Visual analysis has always been the best approach to analyze specific signal values. Certain visualizations are available for Mac OS only, be sure to check the User Manual.

Passive scanning

  • Signal-to-noise ratio macOS

    It compares the level of WiFi signal to the background noise level, the latter being the amount of outside interference determined at each measuring point.
  • Signal level

    It displays the strength of your WiFi signal, which is important in combination with other values showing how signal level corresponds to interference level for example.
  • Signal-to-interference ratio

    In signal-to-interference ratio the latter is specific to co-channel interference from other radio transmitters.
  • Quantity of access points

    NetSpot always shows you the number of currently detectable access points on your network.
  • Noise level macOS

    Shows the amount of outside interference measured at each point.
  • Frequency band coverage

    It allows quick visual analysis on different frequencies.
  • PHY mode coverage

    It builds visualization by WiFi protocols/modes and shows where 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax mode is used.


Plan future WiFi networks with just 1 hotspot

Planning a wireless network in a completely new space untouched by a WiFi signal? When there is no estimate yet on how many hotspots space might require, NetSpot is a perfect tool!

With NetSpot you can travel to the project site light - with just one hotspot at your disposal - and easily map out a great WiFi network with even coverage. All you need to do is start a new survey project in the app, place the hotspot in its first location, take a few measurements and then move on to the next location with the same hotspot. You can then merge all taken snapshots into one heatmap and work with the network as if it had multiple APs.

More useful info about Merging Snapshots

Plan WiFi networks of any size with just 1 hotspot

Active scanning

  • Upload speed

    This speed reflects the rate of data transfer from the user's computer to the Internet.
  • Download speed

    This speed reflects the rate of data transfer from the Internet to the user's computer.
  • Wireless Transmit rate

    Shows the speed of data transfer from an AP to a wireless device.
  • Iperf3 upload, download, and jitter visualizations macOS

    As well as throughput testing with Iperf 3 or custom speed test servers, they help test the bandwidth performance.


  • Issues with SNR macOS

    For troubleshooting purposes use the Issues with SNR visualization, which will help you determine the spots with the low SNR level that can affect your network connectivity.
  • High level of noise macOS

    High noise levels can affect the signal strength of your network and create areas of poor connectivity or no connectivity at all — “dead zones”.
  • Low signal level

    Seeing visually where the low signal level is helps you fix issues with poor to no connection with certain access points.
  • Overlapping channels (SIR)

    NetSpot will show you where there are overlapping channels, and the signal level is low, as well as low download and upload rates.
Coming soon!
Planning & Prediction
NetSpot 3 is coming and with it comes the highly-anticipated WiFi network planning feature! No equipment is needed except a laptop to build a WiFi network with a thought-through AP positioning and an even signal throughout. You can read about the upcoming release here.
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Planning & Prediction


NetSpot works seamlessly on both Mac and Windows platforms. Both versions are almost identical with several visualizations available for Mac OS only, which doesn't hold NetSpot back at all.

For Mac
macOS 10.11+
For Windows


PRO vs Enterprise

Depending on the size of your project you may need a license covering all your employees. See the comparison below.
PRO For single user only
Enterprise For multiple users
Zones per project
Snapshots per zone
Datapoints per heatmap
Unlimited APs and flexible APs grouping: by SSID, channel, vendor, security, etc.+custom groups
All 12 visualizations and 4 additional visualizations (for macOS only)
Technician extra license
Full-featured Discover and Survey modes with data export
Custom speed servers and Iperf3 support (for macOS only)
Easily transfer data from one project to another: zones, AP aliases, other data (for macOS only)
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Available for macOS 10.10+ or Windows 7/8/10/11 computers with a standard 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax wireless network adapter for $499.
Portable computers aka laptops or MacBooks are recommended.

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